About Edapt

Edapt is a marketplace for International students to connect with service providers, local mentors & fellow aspirants to chase abroad education dream.

Product Features

Product Features

  • Service Experts:
  • Professional service providers in various focus areas of abroad education

  • Local Buddies:
  • Reliable local buddies to mentor you to get accustomed to the new environment

  • Fellow Aspirants:
  • Get connected with like-minded fellow aspirants traveling to the same school

  • Professional Service Provider:
  • Are you a professional service provider in the abroad studies sector? Create a profile, serve students & grow business.

  • Localite Expert:
  • Looking to share your overseas experience with newcomers? Create a profile,guide students & earn handsome rewards.


Find a Mentor

Find a Service Provider

International students interact with various service providers in their journey of abroad education.

They require professional assistance in:

  • Student Visa & Immigration
  • Off-campus Accommodation hunting
  • Survival jobs / Internship hunting
  • Language training

Edapt saves students’ time & energy by allowing them to interact with career & immigration consultants, real estate agents, job recruiters, language instructors, immigration lawyers, all under one roof.
They can initiate the conversation & book an appointment with a few swipes.


Find a Local Buddy

Aspiring International students have a lot of questions regarding where to live, whom to approach and how to access basic amenities. Edapt understands this dilemma and connects students with reliable local mentors to hand-hold the students at every step of their transition abroad. Well-versed in the new conditions, these mentors are past alumni or verified local guides.

The mentors provide accurate guidance on the post-landing procedures, compliance, local transportation, health, safety & all other settlement queries.


Become a Service Provider

Are you a student visa consultant, Immigration lawyer, Real estate agent or a Job recruiter?
Looking to assist International students in their journey of abroad education?

Create a profile now to access thousands of leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some FAQ generally asked by our customers

  • Expert service providers are the professionals in the specific focus area of abroad education like Student admissions or Visas, Accommodation hunting, survival jobs hunting, Flight selection, banking, travel/health insurance, compliance, taxation, etc.
    A professional service expert is the one who understands the focus area selected and is experienced, certified or licensed to deal with it.
    Their primary task is to provide solutions to your challenges and help you with their advice in order to arrive hassle-free in the new city.

  • Local buddies are current students, alumni or localites who have in-depth knowledge of the life in a new city, post-landing procedure, local transportation system, weather & all other basic queries newcomers have before landing in the new country.

  • Fellow aspirants are the students who are traveling to the same school from different parts of the globe.
    As an International student, you can connect with them before even you set a foot in the new city.
    Be a part of a multicultural family with a few swipes.

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