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One-stop solution for the students who want to settle in Canada

About Edapt

Edapt is a one-stop solution for the students who want to settle in Canada. Our own uniquely designed social networking platform intends to help the students connect with right mentors in the same city as well as other aspirants travelling to same college or University.


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Product Features

Product Features

Find a Mentor

Reliable local buddies living in Canada to mentor you closer to your Canadian dreams.

Find a Co-traveler

Get connected with like-minded fellow aspirants traveling to same college or university from different parts of the globe.

Become a Mentor

Want to help students with your overseas experience? Register as a mentor and earn while others learn from your mentorship!


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Find a Mentor

Find a Mentor

International students aspiring to settle in Canada have a lot of questions regarding where to live, whom to approach and how to access basic amenities. Edapt understands this dilemma and has brought in reliable mentors to hand-hold the students at every step of their transition abroad. Well-versed in the Canadian conditions, these mentors are past alumni or verified local guides.

Depending upon the package chosen, the mentors provide the following services to help the students set up seamlessly in Canada:

  • Accommodation assistance
  • Part-time jobs/internships assistance
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Provincial IDs
  • SIM & Internet
  • Bank Account Setup
  • Safety & Compliance procedures
  • Transportation Passes
  • Initial grocery & furniture setup


Find a Co-Traveler

Once the basic needs are taken care of by the mentors, the next thing on a student’s mind is companionship.

The App is specifically designed to help the students connect with other aspirants travelling to same city from different countries.

Sharing similar interests, the students can chat with co-travelers, and be a part of a diverse, multicultural community even before setting foot in Canada.

No more homesickness, social isolation and culture shock with Edapt!

Become a Mentor

Edapt provides an opportunity to become a mentor as well. Anybody with the right skill sets can volunteer at Edapt.
So, if you are:

  1. A college alumnus who wants to guide new aspirants.
  2. A college student eager to avail part-time opportunities to boost profile.
  3. Willing to add new skills to enhance the prospects of a job search.
  4. Having the desire to create an impact for the welfare of the student community.
Then, enroll as a mentor with four easy steps:
  • Download the app
  • Register as Mentor
  • Fill in correct details
  • Upload the ID and Bank details
  • Serve students and start earning



Frequently Asked Questions

These are some FAQ generally asked by our customers

  • Edapt is networking app that introduces international students with Local mentors and co-travelers based on the location and preference to help them have someone by their side during the transitional phase.

  • Mentors could be senior students from same college / University or Alumni of abroad education consultancies or people from various communities with valid ID proofs and are willing to assist students in their initial settlement in a foreign land.

  • Mentors do charge minimal amount of fees for the time and efforts invested by them in helping students settle down hassle-free

  • Mentor’s role is to support new international students in their very need upon arrival. Mentor provides assistance and hand-holding in accommodation hunt, Banking setups Government IDs, Local Transportation passes , SIM cards & Internet and initial Grocery etc.

  • Hiring a mentor is quick and easy.

    • Interact with local experts on the dashboard
    • Ask your concerns
    • Understand the services & fees
    • Register for the mentor of your choice
    • Pay the fees
    • Congrats ! You are enrolled for the services

  • Co-travelers are other like-minded students traveling to the same country, a same city for the same intake. You can chat with them, be friends , book apartment together to live like a family.

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