Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Edapt?

    Edapt is networking app that introduces international students with Local mentors and co-travelers based on the location and preference to help them have someone by their side during the transitional phase.

  • Who are the mentors?

    Mentors could be senior students from same college / University or Alumni of abroad education consultancies or people from various communities with valid ID proofs and are willing to assist students in their initial settlement in a foreign land.

  • Do Mentors Charge Fees?

    Mentors do charge minimal amount of fees for the time and efforts put by them in helping students settle down hassle-free.

  • What is a role of a Mentor?

    Mentor’s role is to support new international students in their very need upon arrival. Mentor provides assistance and hand holding in accomodation hunt, Banking setups Government IDs, Local Transportation passes , SIM cards & Internet and initial Grocery etc.

  • How do I hire a mentor as a student?

    Hiring a mentor is quick and easy.

    • Interact with local experts on the dashboard
    • Ask your concerns
    • Understand the services & fees
    • Register for the mentor of your choice
    • Pay the fees
    • Congrats ! You are enrolled for the services

  • How will a Mentor assist a student in Accommodation hunting?

    Please visit how it works to understand the entire process.

  • What are the other things to consider in accommodation assistance?

    Please visit how it works to understand the entire process.

  • How are the other services facilitated by a mentor?

    Please visit how it works to understand the entire process.

  • Can a student Change mentor selected?

    Mentor can be changed for following reasons :

    • Poor Service
    • No response
    • Improper Treatment
    • Other valid concerns

    Edapt holds the rights to change the mentor selected, after carefully evaluating the case.

  • Will students’ money be lost if mentor selected does not offer any service to student after registration?

    Definitely Not!

    Edapt does not release the money to mentors immediately upon hiring and acts as an escrow between two parties. Money is reversed within 7-10 business days if no service is provided to the student.

  • What if a student does not need few services from Large Package?

    Packages are designed by keeping generic needs of students in mind and no customization is offered at this point in time.

  • How much time does it take to complete all the services?

    Ideally, all the services are given to students by mentors in the first week itself depending upon availability of both the parties.

  • Who is a co-traveler?

    Co-travelers are other like-minded students traveling to the same country, a same city for the same intake. You can chat with them, be friends, book apartment together to live like a family.

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